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A new dispensing cap that will change the packaging industry.

The development of a new dosing cap has been under wraps with the Raepak Innovations Team for some time. However, the time has come to introduce a very clever design into the packaging industry. The secret can be built into any cap design, and the magic is that it can give consumers the correct amount of liquid every time.

One Squeeze – Perfect Dose

This newly patented design comes complete with some exciting benefits for both the consumer and supplier.

  1. Provides a set dose amount each and every time the product is used
  2. Takes the guesswork out of using the correct amount of product with each use
  3. No need for additional receptacles (measuring cups, spoons, balls or pouches)
  4. Product labels can inform of the exact number of uses the product will provide
  5. Environmentally friendly through less product wastage/overuse
  6. Child friendly with some products like washing machine liquids. Prevents over-squeeze and spillage
  7. Smart packaging provides milestone USP.
  8. Marketing USP.

Dosing Cap Variables

The dosing cap come with some tech variables that should show how it can work with your product range.

  1. Dosing Size Variance: Min dose 5ml – Max dose 30ml
  2. Product Viscosity Variance: Min 1 centipoise (e.g. water) – Max 100 centipoise (e.g. maple syrup)
  3. Cap Shape: Custom cap design for each new project – MOQ for new shape only 100K
  4. Cap Neck Size: Min 20/410 (no max), Custom neck sizes catered for.

The dosing cap can also be used around any cap material including food grade complaint products. Every sector of the market including health and beauty, household and the food sector can take advantage of this great invention for 2017.



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