10 Essential Lip Gloss Containers

After a recent revision of the latest Lipgloss containers. We are now in a position to unleash them to brands across the world. Plastic Lip gloss containers can look sophisticated and luxurious, especially once they have a label and logo on to suit the colours and product contents.

The Raepak team have worked hard over the coming months to produce round, square and distinctive lip gloss bottles. These new designs offer an effortless connection from the CAD table; right through to consumer application.

After several team meetings, cups of tea, strong coffee, finger pointing, shouting and laughing. We have concluded that our favourite top ten LIP GLOSS containers are:

#10 The Jazz

The Jazz lipstick bottle has a pointy applicator and looks exciting with different colour matching options. A great marketing angle for teenagers. SKU: LG-48-16.

#9 Retro Chic

This exciting Retro lipgloss bottle is finished with studs around the applicator. A very considered design that empowers significants in jet black. SKU: LG-49-16.

#8 Simple Effect

The Simple Effect lip gloss container is designed to be inexpensive and highly recyclable. A great solution for consumers on the go. Maybe this container can be added as part of a gift set, holiday set or beauty packaging. SKU: LG-16-16.

#7 Glaze Of Fire

Introducing Glaze of Fire! for powerful hot lips. A slender iconic design finished in colour matching orange. Anyone close to a fire extinguisher? SKU: LG-53-16.

#6 Micro Glitz

In at number 6 – Micro Glitz. This little beauty of a lip gloss applicator and bottle has been designed to fit into any tiny purse or handbag. It can be pulled out and applied any time discreetly. SKU: LG-11-16

#5 Love Potion

Where would we be without the stunning lip gloss – Love Potion? A bottle for the serious lippy fanatic who has a pout to make any prince fall in love with. SKU: LG-29-16.

#4 Coruscation

Discover this striking display of brilliance. The Coruscation has a delicate architectural applicator that looks sophisticated. A wonderful display; finished with hot foil blocking. SKU: LG-36-16.

#3 Cherry Bomb

In at 3, the one and only Cherry Bomb! A perfect asset for any makeup and beauty set. This colour matched bottle uses an intense red or pink finish to carry off the exotic title. SKU: LG-38-16.

#2 Delicate Lips

In second place which was a hard decision. We decided on this beautiful bulb – Delicate Lips. A very innovating design that fits perfectly into any purse. SKU: LG-37-16.

#1 Pose

The winner is the exciting new double lip gloss applicator. Perfect for applying different glosses, mattes or sparkles. The centre holder can be finished in a block foil wrap for extra luxury. SKU: LG-15-16.

The Wild Card

If you’re looking for something a little more iconic. We have recently launched the new LED lip gloss applicator which comes with a mirror on the side. This is great for applying the lip gloss in dark places or if you are simply on the move. SKU: LG-45-12

Remember you can search any of the SKU’s using our ‘Search’ Icon at the top of the website. If you need more help please get in touch.


Georgia Morter

Georgia is a packaging account manager who specialises in Raepak's stock products. She is an expert with cosmetic jars, dispensing pumps, bottles, caps and airless containers. Georgia enjoys travelling and loves keeping fit while listening to her favourite music.

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