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15 Beautiful Packaging Designs

Here at Raepak, we tend to keep a keen eye on the market place, especially when it comes to beautiful product design. We have found some treats over the past few months and thought it would be nice to share them. Our customers are always looking for inspiration, innovation and just good old fashion ‘Wow’.

If you have any ideas about your new packaging design, please get in touch and discuss it with us. We offer a range of product decoration options that will make your brand look fascinating against the competition. Without further ado here are 15 awesome product designs.

#1 Modern Trigger Pump

Modern black trigger pump finished in an amber bottle and matching black label.

#2 Spray Pumps with Colourfull Liquid Finish

White spray pumps with clean labels and a colourful liquid finish.

#3 Wood Effect Lotion Pump

Wood effect lotion pump which has a premium finish. A perfect solution for the shower gel marketplace.

#4 Solid Gold

Well, it’s not solid gold however, we love this finish and design. It looks stylish and gives off a luxurious appeal.

#5 Baby Blue & Soft Pink Lotion Bottles

These baby blue and soft pink face cleanser – by Schwarzkopf, have utilised the colour matching for the metal sheaths.

#6 Clean White Bottle With Fliptop Cap

Sometimes clean with a good logo has a very minimalistic and modern design.

#7 Any Colour Compact

Raepak offer a huge range of compact containers, we loved the simple colour coding of makeup used in this image.

#8 Hard Pink With Soft Matt Silver Caps

This stylish bottle and cap/spray pump combination has a very vintage feel about it.

#9 Silver Crimp Pump With Teal Ribbon

A sophistacted silver crimp pump, finished with a simple slim teal ribbon.

#10 Perfume Bottle With Silver Spray Overcap

A simple silver long overcap has a great effect with slender slim bottles.

#11 Dark Brown Trigger Pumps With Amber Bottle

A great look for medical applications.

#12 Take Your Pick

A good classic collection of products designed to do the job at hand.

#13 Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles finished in a soft natural finish.

#14 Black Round Compact Container

A very modern makeup pallet finished in a round compact container.

#15 Bobbi Brown

Last of all, a designer Bobbi Brown makup set, complete with all the flourishes.



Tim is Raepak's leading new business guru with over 9 years experience in the cosmos of plastic packaging. His vast knowledge of Raepak's full product range makes him an excellent choice for new customers. In his spare time, you can find Tim shooting hoops, mixing it up on the decks or lost in a galaxy far, far away.

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