Designing iconic dispensing pumps is a really exciting process. You can let your imagination run wild. Considering the brief of the product is also very important but practicality, shape, height, weight and dosage must also be considered. Brand guidelines are also a major factor when putting together new designs.

Using a few different product decoration techniques such as water transfer or silk screen printing can help create the look you want for each pump.

So, without further hesitation here are 8 iconic dispensing pump designs we know you will love and hate. Please note, no one was harmed in the making of these dispensing pumps.

The Rainbow Effect

Saturday Night Fever


Unleash The Animal

American Flag


The Chameleon


Hippy Vibe

Solid Oak

The Wild Zebra

Concepts Pumps With A Twist Of Colour


2 thoughts on “8 Iconic Dispensing Pump Designs That Need To Be Forgotten

  1. Malay Sanghavi says:

    We are converters for a premium range of hygiene products. Your article is very interesting and informative.
    We are Looking for your range & suggestions in redesigning of our packaging for some of our spray, foam and lotion products. Will be grateful to receive your suggestions?

    • Raepak Ltd says:

      Malay Sanghavi,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. We would be happy to guide you through any product options you may be thinking about. Please give one of our friendly account managers a call for further information.

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