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ARDOR – A Designer Lipstick Concept

This month finds us looking at lipstick containers again. The demand is growing rapidly within the new business team, especially from our American friends. We have chosen the lipstick case called Intense. It has a beautiful round push button on the front and is finished in a sharp square design. Putting together a design concept can make buyers see how a simple container can hold a style that is hard to imagine. We have worked on colour, brand, and final lipstick colours. We hope you can see that by using a designer, a product can start to evolve and turn from an idea; into a brand.

Project Type: Designer Concept
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Lipstick Container
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Aluminium
Special Properties: Push button
Printing Process: Hot foil finish on the upper case
Inspiration: YSL
Product SKU: LS-30-12

Creating The Lipstick Brand

Our designer chose a font called Caviar Dreams. From this choice, he came up with a simple brand name called ARDOR which is another word for love. It holds a designer feel without too much fuss. An incision was made in the O and a parallel line drawn in the space. This shows consideration with the final brand idea. A simple, yet elegant finish. This brand name was used as a stamp on the lipstick case. This can give the brand or packaging buyer a better idea on how the lipstick will look like in the final stages of production.

Colour Matching Options

Colour matching is one of the most important aspects of the final product. The cosmetic industry tends to use plenty of blacks, silver and gold with lipstick containers. This gives the product a luxury feel. However, colour options can really work well with new brands entering the cosmetic scene. We have put together a few ideas using different colour matching options.

This image shows the product using elegant black and silver colours. Notice how the colour of the different lipsticks adds warmth and sophistication.

The second colour matching concept shows the hot foil in different colour combinations.

The final colour matching option shows how colouring the container can have a huge impact on the final product. This can change the direction of the overall target market and the direction of the brand.

Marketing In Style

Once you have decided on the marketing direction through the brand name and colour, it’s time to think about how you will pull in the photography and angle of approach. Our designer put two more visuals together.

Clean with perspective.

The billboard or magazine shot.


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