Raepak was originally founded to serve the wholesale market through business to business (B2B) solutions. Our client base has grown to supply small and large distribution companies, established brands, and startups worldwide. Our friendly customer Account Managers take ownership of all accounts; we offer a free sample bay enabling product testing, product building, and free storage, which can be delivered back to you over 12 months.


Raepak offers a selection of pharmaceutical products which are distributed to hospitals and medical facilities. We also offer bottles, caps, trigger sprays and lotions pumps for this sector. Our product range has helped with the recent pandemic, and we provide solutions for hand and body hygiene packaging.


Hair and beauty salons use a wide range of PP airless bottles, mini trigger sprays, caps and cosmetic products. Raepak can help create a new line of instore products and develop brand growth for existing and new customers. Our packaging solutions are perfect for oils, gels, liquids and serums, which help with body, face and hair care products.



As we offer a selection of hygiene, antibacterial, and surface cleaning solutions, we work with schools, colleges and universities across the UK. We can supply stock items at a reduced cost and store large orders to free up extra expense. Just draw down on your held items when needed.

Hotels tend to use our range of products for cleaning, cosmetics, body care and hygiene solutions. Because we offer small bottles, caps and closures in our stock range. We can be relied on for quick ordering and bulk orders.



As a supplier of recyclable packaging for commercial properties, we can offer solutions for restaurants and kitchens. Our selection of trigger sprays, bottles, caps, closures and dispensing pumps make it easy for public and private buyers to have the products they need to hand.

Raepak offer a wide selection of cosmetic jars, nail application items and nail polish remover products; to help large and small businesses specialising as nail technicians and manicurists. Raepak has helped grow companies who turn into brands with a product to offer.




We offer a considered selection of crimp pumps for the perfume market. We can colour match and provide different sizes. Our crimp pumps can mist or spray and are very popular with fragrance and perfume products.


We supply a range of beauty and cosmetic businesses with empty containers for all cosmetic categories. We can help you source a filler once you decide on the product you want to sell.




Have you got a business idea or looking to get into the market segments for liquid or cosmetic packaging? We can help you get started with our stock products or low MOQ’s. We also offer free stock holding saving you space and storage costs. If this sounds like you? Please get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly Account Managers.


As Raepak offers a wide selection of stock products for small MOQ’s, we can help you supply other business ideas. You can mix and match products to develop, supply or offer new revenue streams through online shopping outlets that we don’t cover.