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Colour Cosmetic Packaging

In today’s crowded marketplace, cosmetic packaging is one of the most important parts of a brand’s presence. That fact is certainly true for colour cosmetic packaging, which has to work effectively and thoughtfully in order to convey the personality of the brand. Packaging can be solely responsible for influencing purchase decisions.

Not only do creative and innovative cosmetic packaging attract a greater number of consumers, it also increases the product’s shelf life.

What is Colour Cosmetic Packaging?

The term colour cosmetics is derived from the UK retail make-up market. Make-up products for women come in a number of categories, these include:

  1. Face make-up: foundation, blushers, illuminators, face bronzing lotions, creams and powders, loose and pressed powders, mineral powders
  2. Eye make-up: eye shadows, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, kohl and mascara, mineral powders
  3. Lip make-up: lipstick, lip glosses, lip pencils, lip plumpers, pots and palettes
  4. Nail make-up: nail varnishes and polishes, hardeners and strengtheners, base and topcoat.

Each category has a product container that suits the desired application for consumers. These come in a number of designs and use materials to help keep the contents clean and fresh.

Beauty products for colour cosmetic packaging help with a number of factors, these range from the facial structure, emulsification, moisturisation, durability and vibrancy. The packaging helps with performance and application.

What materials are used?

PET and PP are two examples of materials getting much more exposure to cosmetics packaging. The most extensively used material for cosmetic packaging is plastic. This is because it’s easy to manufacture, has a long shelf life and can be combined with other materials. Metal is also used for magnetic click lids or to give the packaging a luxury finish. Using polished metal can also be coloured in rose or yellow gold.

The demand for plastics for cosmetic packaging accounts for greater than half the entire demand for cosmetic packaging.

Overall, there is an ocean of colour cosmetics in today’s marketplace. They are all jostling for attention on shelves and packaging is often the determining factor when it comes to standing out from the crowd and inspiring purchases.


Silva Walker

Silva has been with Raepak for over 6years now and has gained exceptional knowledge in the packaging industry. She now manages the cosmetic packaging department. This includes lipstick cases, mascara capsules, cosmetic pens and much more. She has a keen eye for iconic products and getting them to market. Silva enjoys the world of fashion, reading novels and trendy nightlife hotspots.

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