Using colour to work with your ‘packaging concept’ can leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are many considerations to think about, especially if you have a particular idea in mind or you might want to attract a different audience.

Considered Packing Factors

  1. Age range
  2. Male or female
  3. Smell of the product
  4. Lotion or liquid colour and texture
  5. Size of the product
  6. Outer packaging (cardboard – plastic)
  7. Modern, luxury, classic, sophisticated, vintage or designer?

Although the above are a few simple marketing starting points, it gives you an idea as to what’s going on inside the designer’s mind when they are putting something together.

This month we have decided to pick one product from our acrylic bottle range and produce some exquisite colour samples. After all, we do offer a colour match service on this range. If you can imagine a colour, we can match it.


Custom Purple


Electric Red


Dreamy Pink


Gun Metal


950 Platinum


The Luxury Of Gold


Delicate Yellow


Metalic Blue

Have you got an idea for your next packaging solution? Why not get in touch so we can talk about it.

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