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Coronavirus Is Putting Pressure On Raepak’s Stock Products

The Coronavirus is having a global impact on the stock market, small companies, large businesses and international trading. However, the Raepak team have been working around the clock to meet customer requirements. We have seen a huge influx with ‘stock orders’ and our customers are thinking ‘longer-term’ with the potential lengthy lead times on production. Raepak has adapted to the current climate and we have tripled our efforts in product rotation, import, export, warehouse space, time constraints and staffing hours.

As the Coronavirus is spreading on a global scale, we can only take precaution for future events. Rather than panic and miss your business connections, while lead times are extending; China is now getting back to normal staffing levels, we are here to help with your product planning.

What we are recommending to all our customers:

  • Get in touch ASAP so we can take your orders for future product requirements
  • Remember, we can hold your large orders in our warehouse, this allows you to draw down in 48hrs, over a 12 month period.

Please call us today, we have friendly and experienced Account Managers who will help you navigate supply issues.

Should you require products immediately. Here are some examples of what we have available for immediate dispatch.

  • TR24410/Z/0012 – Mini Trigger Spray Pump, Dark Blue, 24/410 – 182mm FBOG – 74,000
  • TR24410/Z/0014 – Mini Trigger Spray Pump, Dark Green, 24/410 – 199mm FBOG – 95,000
  • SP24410/D/0068Z – Spray Pump, Smooth Silver, 24/410 – 134mm FBOG – 130,000
  • DT24410/Z/SS1 – Disc Closure, White and Shiny Silver – 34,725
  • L028400/B/0002 – 2ml Lotion Pump, 28/400, White Smooth – 146mm – 45,370



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