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Is your cosmetic range crying out for Acrylic Airless Bottles?

Discovering the world of acrylic airless can inspire brands to upgrade the final packaging solution for their products. Acrylic airless bottles work beautifully with serums, creams, lotions and oils. These tend to fall into the skincare or haircare product offerings on the market today. Acrylic Airless bottles can help with a few different marketing options, these include:

  1. Target a different age range
  2. Introduce a new product line to a specific gender type
  3. Evolving a product to target different price points
  4. Place your product with high end ‘elite’ brands while offering an alternative
  5. Offer something a little more unique to a particular market segment.

You may have alternative marketing objectives as the airless bottle product range also boasts some technical advantages over the classic PP and HDPE bottle types.

All In One Solution

Acrylic lotion bottles are known as an all-in-one dispensing solution. The dispensing pump on the bottle draws the contents upwards using air pressure to create a vacuum. This makes them a very popular design for brands and consumers. These airless containers can also be fitted with a spray or lotion nozzle dispensing solution. These dispensing functions are designed to work perfectly with lotions, creams and serums.

Colour Matching & Size

Raepak also offers a colour match solution. Each bottle can be colour coded and comes in different sizes (ml) so you can get the desired quantity to work with your liquid specifications. Lotion bottles have a premium finish to help make your product very attractive to the consumer.

Popular Acrylic Airless Bottles

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