Finding the right designer lipstick container may be leaving you with a headache. Raepak has put together this month’s cosmetic packaging concept. Are you ready to project your beauty products into 2018? This concept showcases a designer lipstick container ready to buy off the shelf.

Project Type: Concept
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Lipstick Container
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Special Properties: Click lid
Printing Process: Hot foil finish on the upper case
Inspiration: Victoria Beckham’s lipstick range
Product SKU: LS-11-16

The task was to create a designer cosmetic lipstick case ready to pluck off the shelf. Some simple colour matching options include yellow gold, vibrant red and 950 platinum. This cosmetic packaging concept had to be modern, sophisticated and look expensive.

Lipstick Container With Luxury Concept

luxury lipstick container

Lipstick Container With Designer Edge

Designer Edge Lipstick Container

Using Shades Of Low Colour Tone


Colour Matching Foil Options


Lipstick Container With Lid On


A simple lipstick concept that showcases beautiful edges mixed with a designer finish. Creating the product that has an edge in the current market is difficult. However, recent studies suggest consumers prefer quality over cheap and cheerful price points.

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