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Dispensing Pumps For Bottles

Offering a beautiful range of dispensing solutions comes naturally to the Raepak team. We have been combining dispensing pumps with bottles since 1994. We aim to make your brand look stylish, timeless and modern. Pulling together dispensing pumps and making them work with bottles sizes, depends on a few factors. The two main options that need to be taken into consideration will be the height and width of the bottle. Sometimes the bottleneck width is correct, however, this won’t always match the height; the dispensing pump may sit too high on the bottle.

This is where our experienced account managers come into play. They have an exceptional understanding of what pump works – with what bottleneck size and style.

Dispensing Pumps For Bottles Guide

Here is a list of variables you will need to take into consideration. If you are new to the packaging industry, some of the following criteria may not make too much sense at first glance.


Lotion Pumps, Cream Pumps, Spray Pumps, Mini Trigger Pumps, Trigger Pumps, Foamer Pumps, Top Dispenser Pumps, Crimp Pumps, Powder Pumps, Dopper Bottles18-410, 18-415, 20-410, 22-410, 24-410, 28-410, 28-400, 24-410, 24,415, 28-400, 38-410, 33-4100.1ml, 1ml, 1.5ml 2ml, 2.3ml 2.8ml, 4.0mlSmooth, Metal Sheath, Embossed, RibbedLock Up, Lock Down, Clip LockStandard Colour, Colour MatchStock, None Stock ItemBox quantity (Stocked Items), 1000 to 30000
*These are the full range of dispensing pumps in the packaging industry.*Most popular dispensing pump neck sizes, you may find slight variances or bespoke options.*Dosages can vary from each dispensing pump, bespoke measurements can also be made.*Closure styles can help with the final finish and design of the product.*The locking mechanism defines how the pump works mechanically.*If the product is in stock a colour will be assigned. However, a colour match can be ordered depending on the MOQ required.*We can ship stock items in 24 hours, non stock items need be ordered and can take upto 7 weeks.*The minimium order quantity depends on the product, is it a stock or none stock item?

Once you get the idea of matching the bottleneck size to the pump neck size, it becomes a pretty easy process. Furthermore, you will still need to test the dispensing pump with the bottleneck size. There may be some issues with regards to size or the way it looks from a design perspective. It’s a good idea to order several variables and work out which one works best for you.

Pump to Bottle

Depending on the bottle design you choose, the final pump design and size needs to work with the final aesthetics of the product. A large dispensing pump won’t work with a small bottle. It will be top heavy and could cause several problems, therefore, testing is important.

For each bottle and pump on the website, we do offer a filter or a link that points back to the range of matching options. This should make it easy for everyone finding the correct samples to order.

Once you have decided on the final combination, just give one of our team members a call and we can sort out pricing, product decoration and filing options.


Depending on the dispensing pump you require, remember to check out the actual dosage that will be dispensed. You can source a high to low dosage depending on the product viscosity, bottle size and application. This will need testing and you may need to change several variables yourself; depending on if you decide on a particular dispensing pump style.

Closure Style

The final decision on closure style will also depend on the dispensing pump you require. Some pumps have more options than others. We do have a good selection to choose from, with this we have composed a few design ideas for you.

  • Ribbed – Modern/timeless
  • Embossed – Premium/vintage
  • Smooth – Classic/essential
  • Metal Sheath – High-end luxury/premium.

Locking Mechanism

Raepak offers 3 essential dispensing pump locking mechanisms. These include the Lock-up, Lock-down and the Clip-lock function. We have written a full guide here.

Colour Matching

Most of the Raepak range can be colour matched. However, we do offer stock alternatives that can be purchased today. These colour options only fall into the black and white category, nonetheless, we also offer some pumps with metal sheath and clip lock functions. These factors have the ability to give your product a premium finish instantly.

If you would like more information or perhaps a little help with your bottle and dispensing pump matching? Please give us a call or contact us using our email address:


Phil Edwards

Phil is a senior account manager at Raepak with a lifetime of experience in the packaging industry. Phil specialises in dispensing pumps and cosmetic jars. His vast knowledge takes him all over the world which helps clients get their product to market. Phil is always busy and his desk is packed with new and exciting product ranges. Phil loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with the family. He is also keen on reading and keeping fit.

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