Raepak Ltd has solved one of the plastic packaging’s biggest environmental headaches. The UK based company Raepak have developed a range of dispensing pumps. These new products are now 100% recyclable along with their adjoined plastic bottles.

There are billions of lotion and cream dispensing pumps used around the world every day. Until now, all standard, every day dispensing pumps have been sent for incineration or to the landfill after use. However, their negative impact can be bigger than just the pumps own environmental footprint. When consumers do not separate items such as soap pump dispensers from their bottles and place the entire pack into the recycling bin. This can result in a recyclable bottle being destroyed along with the pump. A somewhat frightening thought given 44% of the UK consumers believe dispensing pumps are recyclable already.

The development of recyclable dispensing pumps was initiated by M&S, who approached the packaging experts Raepak Ltd. M&S are working towards making all their packaging recyclable by 2020.

Bernard Chase – Sector Specialist Plastics for WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) also reviewed Raepak’s dispenser range configuration. He confirmed companies using Raepak’s range “would be entitled to mark the dispenser element of their product as ‘Widely Recycled.”

WRAP and sister company ORPL (On-Pack Recycling Label), whose members include many of the UK’s largest blue-chip companies, have welcomed this innovation. Helen Bird – Recourse Management Specialist for WRAP has also confirmed they will now review their general guidelines. The current development conflicts with the existing guidelines that express dispensing pumps are ‘NOT’ recyclable.

Andrew Paterson, Raepak’s MD concludes; “Raepak has started the hard work by creating ‘Widely Recyclable’ Lotion, Cream and Airless packaging. It’s now up to Brand owners to step forward, pick up the environmental baton and use these on everyday products”.


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