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Explosive Eyeliner & Dip Pens

Eyeliner and dip liner are one of those products that relies on a bit of skill to use correctly. The design, size, weight, tip and insert all play a part in the execution of the application. This helps define your eyes to have a bold graphic line or a defined feline flick. The possibilities to create the perfect look are endless especially when using an eyeliner or dip liner.

Rapeak offer 6 variations of eyeliner application. This helps with different levels of control, these include:

  1. Essential Felt Tip
  2. Brush Applicator
  3. Pad
  4. Round Felt Tip
  5. Square Felt Tip
  6. Triangle Felt Tip

Eyeliner Packaging Design

Eyeliner containers come in a huge range of design options. We have picked out our top ten to help with a little inspiration.

#1 Cognizance

#2 Gentle Gaze

#3 Jurisdiction

#4 Blockade

#5 Nodule

#6 Judgement

#7 Perception

#8 View Point

#9 Sentiment

#10 The Stiletto

If you would like further help with choosing the perfect eyeliner or dipper pen? please get in touch and have a friendly chat with one of our account managers.


Georgia Morter

Georgia is a packaging account manager who specialises in Raepak's stock products. She is an expert with cosmetic jars, dispensing pumps, bottles, caps and airless containers. Georgia enjoys travelling and loves keeping fit while listening to her favourite music.

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