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Glitter Sprayed Product Decoration

Raepak would like to introduce the new glitter sprayed product decoration option. This new technique works with many of our acrylic/airless bottles and jars. The glitter option is packed with sparkle and fire which helps with product packaging design.

We have mocked up a few samples to help give you a better idea on what this looks like. Remember, you can colour match the glitter option with a vivid combination of flair and style.

When To Use Glitter Sprayed

We have worked with several companies who have used this option on existing products. The most popular marketing segments include:

  • Christmas gift box sets
  • Teenager market segments
  • Christening gifts
  • Easter gift sets
  • Wedding Gifts

Some of these product decoration options have also made it into the toiletry, automobile and cleaning market. Brand experts have explained it works well with consumers looking for something that stands out and is a little different from the norm.

If you would like a sample or any further help? Please contact us today.


Jess Smith

Jessica is the procurement operations manager and has a great understanding and knowledge base of Raepak's full product range. Jess is highly creative and helps customers with cosmetic jars, dispensing pumps, bottles, caps and airless containers. Jess enjoys driving her new car and loves going out with friends at the weekend.

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