The personal hygiene market is packed with important products to help fight germs, bacteria and viruses. We aim to offer a range of product solutions for family safety, good health and peace of mind. We understand our product offering is large, so we have condensed our products into the following categories.


We offer a range of bottles, caps and dispensing pumps, which are perfect for the hand sanitation target market. Compact bottles, small flip top caps and disc caps have become popular with the current market conditions. You can discover our stock offering or browse through the dispensing pumps and bottles with our online sample bay.


Keeping hard and soft surfaces clean is a daily routine; however, we offer a range of trigger dispensing pumps that can get the job done. Our matching bottles and trigger sprays are designed to work on a commercial and domestic scale.




Soap dispensing solutions is a must! In this modern market place. We offer a wide range of foamer pumps, lotions pumps, cream pumps and spray pumps that can work with soap products. Our HDPE and PET bottles come in different styles and designs with neck sizes suited to all the dispensing pumps.


Our body care packaging solutions can be found in homes all over the world. If you pop out to your favourite supermarket, you will see our caps, bottles, dispensing pumps and jars. We have developed partnerships with high profile brands and help keep their products on the shelf. Would you like to work with us? Get in touch today!



We offer a great selection of oral hygiene solutions, which have grown significantly over the past decade. Mouth wash, toothpaste, and breath fresheners help prevent tooth decay and unpleasant breath odour. We offer tubes, bottles, caps and pharmaceutical packaging to target domestic and commercial market segments.


Facial care packaging comes in the form of beautifully designed bottles, dispensing pumps, caps and jars. If you’re looking for packaging to store gels, serums, soaps, face masks, cleansers, clays, oils, glycolic-acid formulas or a range of new combined ingredients? We can offer the solution to your brand needs.



At Raepak, our product marketing team offer a few deodorant solutions. Our most popular offering is the roll-on ball cap with matching bottle and over cap. Our offering is 100% recyclable and can be put back into the circular economy.