Industry Reach

Raepak have a reputation for adapting to packaging demands and offering a solution to many industry sectors. Our product range targets a large audience, which gives us an edge when compared to other suppliers. We work hard to deliver products on time and within budget. Our aim is make your end products look outstanding and to be remarkable.

Beauty & Skincare

Entering into the world of beauty comes with many different challenges. However, we offer a vast selection of cosmetic packaging solutions that will make your products look outstanding. If it’s lipstick, mascara, powder dispensers or lip gloss, to mention a few, we have got it covered. Personal care for both male and female is big business and the competition can be fierce. Getting your packaging perfect is of highest priority to Raepak.

Cosmetic Packaging


Many of our products including jars, bottles and caps are suitable for the healthcare industry. We have worked with hospitals, medicine manufactures and hygiene specialist to produce product packaging. Our range can encapsulate syrups, spray solutions, creams, ointments, powders and hygiene solutions.

Healthcare Packaging


The automotive aftercare market is a multi-billion pound industry. Chrome polishers, scratch removers, waxes or cleaning materials need to be packaged and branded well – to stand out among the competition. We offer a range of jars, bottles and dispensing pumps, suitable for many of the new and exciting products available in this industry today.

Automotive Packaging

Nutrition & Travel

Raepak’s plastic packaging is made from food grade plastic and can be used for a variety of edible contents. Jars, bottles and our range of caps and closures work well in the nutritional market. Some foods include food colouring , vitamins & minerals, mixing powders and liquids. We also supply packaging solutions for sun tan lotions, tan sprays, after sun care and other traveling products.

Healthcare Packaging

PET Care

The welfare of animal products has seen a huge spike in demand over recent years. Pet care packaging is popular and comes in the form of jars, bottles, caps & closures and liquid containers. Pet hygiene demands product packaging for shampoo, sprays, supplements and ointments.

PET Care Packaging

Domestic & Comercial

Raepak offer a huge selection of packaging solutions for both the household and commercial business demands. Having a cost effect product which can be delivered on time, is imperative to most companies. Our reach includes chemical sprays, cleaning foams, upholstery solutions, wax, soaps and other liquid merchandise. Our range of bottles, dispensing pumps, jars and closures are very popular for this industry type.

Domestic Packaging
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