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Introducing The New Spiral Effect Bottles

Introducing the new spiral effect bottles that look absolutely stunning. Each bottle is packed with 30 degree spirals or vertical straight lines. This gives a new effect for brands looking for something different from their product range. The bottles are available in 125ml and 250ml tubular and work well with a number of dispensing solutions or caps.

Spiral Bottle Facts

Here are some manufacturing and buying facts.

  • New effect created using EBN process
  • Creates vertical or spiral spines inside the mould of the bottle
  • Made from PCTG due to the specific properties of this polymer
  • Flexible manufacturing allows for 10K MOQ
  • Colour match options available.

Bottle Purpose

This new effect allows the bottle to still be smooth on the outside which does not affect the experience for end customers. On the inside of the bottle, the small ridges create a stunning visualise effect. These ridges can also help to mix contents within the packaging solution by acting as a mixer.

Development samples are now available from the Raepak team. Please call and ask about the new spiral effect bottles.


Jess Smith

Jessica is the procurement operations manager and has a great understanding and knowledge base of Raepak's full product range. Jess is highly creative and helps customers with cosmetic jars, dispensing pumps, bottles, caps and airless containers. Jess enjoys driving her new car and loves going out with friends at the weekend.

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