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Men’s Cosmetic Packaging Solutions

The growth of men’s cosmetic packaging has developed into a rising trend across America and Europe. According to Mintel, US sales of men’s personal care in the US is anticipated to reach $4.7 billion by 2020. As the market grows, so will the demand for new and exciting grooming products.

May’s 2018 Google Trend reports shows some keywords being searched for men’s cosmetic products. These include.

  1. Male grooming kits
  2. Men’s hair products
  3. Men’s hair loss products
  4. Men’s best face cream
  5. Men’s skincare set
  6. Men’s Makeup

The results are very interesting, especially for the search term ‘Men’s Makeup’. Only a handful of companies offer a solution to this rising phenomenon.

Celebrity Status

David Beckham has recently launched his new brand of men’s grooming products called ‘House 99’. The range consists of 21 skin, hair, beard and body products. A great investment into a growing market. Both David and Victoria have some cosmetic solutions for beauty products. Other brands established in the market include: Molton Brown London, Kiehl’s, Dr Jacksons, Neal’s Yard Remedies Men, L:A Bucket, Aveda Men Pure-Formance, Aesop, Clinique For Men, Tom Ford and many more.

Men’s Cosmetic Packaging

As Raepak develop and distribute a wide selection of cosmetic solutions for skincare, haircare, and makeup. We decided to offer up some ideas. We offer a huge selection of Jars, Acrylics, Bottles, Dispensing Pumps, Hair Applicators, PP Airless and Recyclable offerings. Please enjoy our top picks.

All-In-One Airless Solutions

These types of airless all-in-one dispensing solutions are perfect for face, hand, body lotions.

Men’s Dispensing Bottle Solutions

Bottles with simple caps or dispensing pumps for shower body or face wash.

Simple Screw Bottle Cap

Lotion Bottle & Pump

Men’s Jars

Jars are a sound solutions for hair creams, gels or even high end face and hand creams.

Men’s Haircare all-in-one bottle

A new product for salons, haircare kits and men’s grooming. These all-in-one solutions are perfect for hair oils, serums and gels.

Hair Brush Pump

Men’s Make up Set Solutions

Taking it too far? mens make up can look sleek in these top designs.

Need some help with your cosmetic product ideas? Why not get in touch and speak to one of our friendly account managers.


Jess Smith

Jessica is the procurement operations manager and has a great understanding and knowledge base of Raepak's full product range. Jess is highly creative and helps customers with cosmetic jars, dispensing pumps, bottles, caps and airless containers. Jess enjoys driving her new car and loves going out with friends at the weekend.

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