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Metallised Dispensing Solutions

Colour matching packaging is a great way to make the final product look exciting. Raepak has recently launched its fully metallised lotion pump. This clever manufacturing technique has a premium finish that looks stylish and sophisticated.

Metallised Dispensing Pump

We offer this lustrous finish on a 1.0ml lotion pump SKU: LU-34-2-24s. The design of this pump is sleek and modern, especially with the small bend in the dispensing spout. This style of pump also benefits from a clip lock function for extra security. The bottle neck size is 24/410 and the dispensing appearance is also available in any colour or can be completed in a smooth plastic finish.

The 24/410 bottle neck size is industry standard. This means the bottle sizes and design will be plentiful. If you work with a specific bottle type or design, this pump should fit in perfectly with your product design options.

Metallisation Benefits

The metallisation of a dispensing pump also comes with a few extra benefits. This includes a premium finish and something that will catch the eyes of the consumer. Purchasers tend to pick products that look stylish and have a designer feel. These trends tend to work with their bathroom or kitchen suite, offering a modern finish to their home environment.

Metallisation Manufacturing

The metallisation of dispensing pumps encompasses a very clever manufacturing technique. This process is achieved by each part of the dispensing pump being spray painted with metallic paint. Once the initial spray paint is dry, a second transparent coat is applied. This protects the paint from scratching, knocks and prolongs shelf life.

Sample Request

If this is something you have in mind for your product? Why not get in touch with one of the friendly Raepak account managers. They can send you out a sample for testing and liquid compatibility. They can also help you with colour matching options and push your product to market with ease.


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