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Mini Spray Bottles

The packaging team at Raepak have introduced a brand-new dispensing solution for 2020. We have put a huge amount of research into recyclable plastics and dispensing pumps recently. This has grown into offering smaller product ranges that can help brands give a unique solution for their target markets.

Smaller packaging for handbags, purses or rucksacks and trouser pockets is on the rise. As a packing solution, we have put together a new mini spray bottle. We coined the term pen bottles for their unique size and pen-like features.

We have two designs to choose from. The first design – Tonic, has a small-cap and is very slender. It fits into the modern and clean category.

The second design – Slenderize, has a pen lid type that can be clipped onto shirts or pockets. It has a very classic finish that boasts multi-use functions.

Product Market

These new mini spray bottles/pens are perfect for:

  1. Perfumes
  2. Anti-bacterial sprays
  3. Hand creams
  4. Face lotions
  5. Feet spray products
  6. Insect repellents

You may have other product ideas for these mini dispensing bottle/pens?

Please feel free to place a sample request or get in touch with one of our account managers. We are happy to talk through the products and send samples for testing.


George Ward

George is the newest member to the sales team, with years of experience in sales and account management – from communications, Insurance and now plastics! George enjoys travelling the world, cycling and cooking new dishes in the kitchen.

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