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Packaging Inspiration For Years to Come

Raepak has been working hard to bring you the latest packaging solutions since 1994. This year’s efforts have seen a huge overhaul online and through our product brochures. We aim to showcase the full potential of what your brand can accomplish. We have introduced colour matching schemes, mood boards, sharp photography, videos and articles with exciting educational information. As we enter into 2019-2020 we would like to explode onto your digital devices with even more exciting innovations, and visuals that will help you get the best out of Raepak.


As the emphasis on recyclable packaging grows across the globe, we are working extra hard behind the scenes to deliver alternative packaging solutions. Our packaging team are using keywords like:

  1. 100% recyclable
  2. Global recycling
  3. Biopolymer alternatives
  4. Biodegradable single-use plastics
  5. Re-usable packaging solutions

These trending key factors are changing the way we are looking at the packaging industry. We have some mega changes on the horizon, including a world first; that will help brands and consumers in a huge way. Our new recyclable dispensing pump range can now be thrown away (in the correct recycling bins) with HDPE, PET and PVC bottles in the UK. Our team have produced products that go beyond current legislation, to the point where governing bodies are still years behind us trying to catch up.

Recyclable Tubes

As we entered into 2019 the new flexible tube range was also launched. This is another step forward for the Raepak team, especially with how the current market is reacting to recyclable packaging and reducing the worlds carbon footprint. Our range of tubes are 100% recyclable, easy to transport and use less plastic overall. If that wasn’t enough, the new flexible tubes are also produced from sugarcane waste. This has less of an impact on the environment while drilling for crude oil.

Raepak offers a huge selection of products for many different market sectors. We are moving forward with the way we manufacture and distribute packaging. Here is a range of products on offer, we hope this will give you a little inspiration.

If you have an idea or would like some help mixing and matching product variables? We are here to help you create and design the perfect packaging solutions for your product range. Remember, you can order from our free sample bay, pop in via appointment or simply give one of our account managers a call for a friendly, personal service.


Katherine Oakes

Katherine is a senior account manager with a wealth of experience in the packaging industry. Katherine has the ability to match customers needs with the perfect product for many different market sectors. She is responsible for launching the new Raepak gift set range last year, which is very popular at the moment. Katherine enjoys spending time with her family and loves the occasional romantic novel.

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