Berlin Packaging Acquires Vidrierías Pérez Campos

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Acquisition expands company’s glass packaging solutions for the olive oil, home fragrance, and spirits markets in Iberia. CÓRDOBA (June 21, 2022) – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Vidrierías Pérez Campos SL, a family-owned Spanish distributor of glass packaging for the olive oil, home fragrance, and spirits markets. […]

Berlin Packaging Continues Rapid Expansion In France With The Acquisition Of Verrerie Du Comtat

verrerie ducomtat

Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Verrerie du Comtat, a supplier of glass packaging for the French wine and olive oil end markets. Located in Sorgues, France, in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyards, Verrerie du Comtat supplies glass bottles, jars, corks, and packaging accessories to […]

HDPE Bottles vs PET Bottles


PET and HDPE plastics are very popular for manufacturing bottles and jars. However, understanding why to use each plastic type is important to many brands and a growing consumer base. Many new points have to considered including: Sustainability – use less energy and raw materials Recyclability – will the waste fit into the current circular […]

Skincare Packaging – From Concept To Launch


Skincare packaging for wholesale supply comes in many distinctive designs. As a supplier for many beauty and cosmetic companies worldwide, we decided to provide an essential guide to help any business with a new product range. Skincare Packaging With Stock Products When looking at a new skincare product range and defining the packaging product as […]

20 Dazzling Skincare Packaging Ideas

luxury packaging

Skincare packaging for the body, face, feet and hair has become an essential daily routine for most people. Products fill the shelves for everything including; moisturising, enhancers, protection and cleansers. According to Finder, the UK’s beauty industry is worth £27 billion as of 2020. Skincare ranks as the seventh-largest cosmetics market in the world and […]

Introducing The Beautiful Aqua Boston Bottle


We have a beautiful aqua colour Boston bottle with 1000ml capacity in stock. This packaging is perfect for room spray or large volume personal care. Our product team of packaging experts have combined the bottle with a closure to give you extra packaging ideas. As a packaging supplier, you can take advantage of short delivery […]

Baby Product Packaging – Design to Final Concept

baby cosmetic packaging designs

Creating a new skincare line of products to target the world of babies can seem daunting. There is a lot to consider when designing a baby product packaging concept. The packaging type, brand, colour and liquid contents can take time to think through. With this dilemma in mind, we decided to create a range of […]

The Colour Product Matching Guide


When it comes to ‘colour product matching’, choosing the correct colour for your product may seem a little daunting. The colour spectrum consists of billions of colours, but which one do you prefer? For example, you may have brand guidelines, or maybe you want to target a particular audience or market reach? It can be […]

Berlin Packaging Completes Acquisition of Le Parfait Brands


With the acquisition of Le Parfait, Berlin Packaging expands its portfolio and positions itself in the B2C market. Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier®, announced today it has completed its acquisition of the Le Parfait business and brands from O-I France SAS. The acquisition strengthens Berlin Packaging’s position as a leading supplier of […]

Berlin Packaging Acquires Industry Leading Premi S.p.A.


The acquisition expands capabilities for beauty and cosmetic packaging Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Premi S.p.A., a global packaging supplier that specialises in dynamic and innovative solutions for the beauty and cosmetic industries. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, with over 150 employees throughout Europe, the United States, and […]

The Future Of The Modern Day Liquid Dispensing Pumps


The dispensing pump marketplace is changing all the time. These little bottle pumps require specific functionality and offer great performance. Brand owners require stylish, embossed pump detailing and demand variety, quality and performance. Manufacturers and suppliers are working around the clock to make the mighty dispensing pump sustainable. Dispensing pumps can cover an enormous amount […]

21 Trending Applications For Plastic Jars


Plastic jars packed with exciting applications, discover your next packaging idea today! Contents – 21 Cosmetic Applications For Plastic Jars – Double Wall Jar – Single Wall Jar – Acrylic Jars – Premium Jars – Plastic Twsit Seal & Lever Jars – Stackable Jars – Flip Top Jars – Small Jars – Discintive Jars – […]

Berlin Packaging Continues European Expansion with the Acquisition of Gerfran SAS


Acquisition will expand wine portfolio in France, including Bordeaux. MILAN (December 14, 2021) – Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest Hybrid Packaging Supplier®, announced today the acquisition of Gerfran SAS, a family-owned supplier of glass packaging specializing in the wine and beverage end markets. Founded in 1984 and acquired by Lionel Fruh in 2008, Gerfran is […]

24 Trending Plastic Jars With Lids


Berlin Packaging | Raepak offers a huge selection of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic jars with lids. These types of jars can be recycled and used for a wide variety of applications. The great thing about using these types of plastics is that you can mould the resin into almost any shape or […]

45 Iconic Lipstick Packaging Ideas – Guaranteed To Make You Pout


Lipstick packaging (lipstick cases) come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular types would have to be the round and square cases. However, if you want something distinctive or iconic for your brand, we may be able to help. Our cosmetic team have put together 45 examples of lipstick cases to get you in […]

The Complete Guide To Cosmetic Jars


As a wholesaler, brand product builder and distributor, we aim to supply beautiful and practical cosmetic jars that fit perfectly into the current health and beauty industry. Cosmetic jars have many options to choose from, including size, design, material, inner shive, seal and lids. Moreover, all these considerations are essential because they help define the […]

72 Professional Mascara Brush Options For Wholesale Packaging

mascara brush options

If you’re a wholesaler looking to supply the perfect mascara brush for your target audience? Don’t worry; we are here to help with a vast range of options that can deliver flawless results. As a supplier of cosmetic packaging, we have seventy-two professional options for you to consider. Each mascara brush is designed for smooth […]

HDPE Plastic Bottles Explained In Two Minutes

hdpe plastic bottles

When it comes to HDPE plastic bottles with commercial or domestic packaging, you have several options to consider before deciding on what plastic to use. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is popular for a number of cosmetic plastic products on the market today. And for good reason, here’s why: Cheap to produce and manufacture Can be made […]

Discover Our Complete Stock Packs


If you’re new to the world of packaging and need a little help with matching dispensing pumps to bottles? Our ‘Complete Stock Packs‘ has been produced for you. We have combined disc caps, spray pumps, lotion pumps and cap closures with a range of stylish bottle shapes. The introduction of this new section has been […]

Berlin Packaging Acquires the Juvasa Group

Acquisizione_Juvasa_Home Page_1024x500

Acquisition expands the company’s footprint in Iberia and the Canary Islands and brings new design and e-commerce capabilities. Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier, announced today the acquisition of the Juvasa Group, a group of companies focused on the supply of glass, plastic, and metal packaging for the food and beverage industry. Founded […]

How To Get Your First Cosmetic Product Ready For Retail


If you’re a cosmetic fan and know your lipstick range from your compact cases, why not launch your own brand? It’s not an easy project, but anything is possible. There is plenty of space in the beauty industry for new brands to pop up and offer something completely different. So, where do you start, and […]

Amazing Concept Plastic Packaging Ideas


Creating a new product in the beauty and skincare marketplace can take a lot of time, especially if you have an idea of how you want your brand to be projected. We have decided to pull together some ideas this month in our graphic design studio. We wanted concepts, new artwork and schemes that are […]

The Exciting World Of Lever Seal Jars

colour kilner jars

Raepak’s Twist Seal & Lever Seal jars offer some great solutions for domestic and commercial buyers. The ‘Kilner’ jar was originally made by a glass bottle maker from Yorkshire called Kilner. The original Kilner bottle makers operated from 1842 until 1937. However, the Kilner patents changed hands, but still, have a strong presence in the […]

5 Luxurious Cosmetic Packaging Picks


We all know that shoppers love to indulge! Luxury packaging in the form of cosmetic products deserves to be wrapped up in a way that instantly discloses every expectation. Knowing your customer target market can also help, but what is your offering? The skincare and cosmetic marketplace are positioned to make consumers feel better about […]

Everything You Need To Know About The Plastic Packaging Tax


Plastic packaging comes with pro’s and con’s however, the main concern at this current time would be the reduction of plastic waste, which is affecting our global environment. The UK Government has introduced a plastic tax that will be implemented from April 2022. This new tax will drive all plastic products to contain at least […]

Essential Cosmetic Containers For Skincare & Beauty Packaging


Cosmetic containers expand to a range of jars, bottles, pots, tubes, pens, compacts and liquid dispensing solutions. Each container offers a different design and solution; however, in the world of ‘cosmetic containers’, each product sits under the skincare, hair and beauty categories. This article will explore the different types of cosmetic containers available in the […]

Berlin Packaging Continues Its Expansion In The United Kingdom With The Acquisition Of Raepak Limited


Berlin Packaging, the world’s largest hybrid packaging supplier, announced today the acquisition of Raepak Limited, a leading supplier of plastic packaging for the cosmetics and personal care end-markets. Based in Norwich, England, Raepak offers a wide variety of pumps, sprayers, dispensers, airless bottles, tubes, roll-on bottles, and other packaging containers and closures for the beauty […]

10 Modern Packaging Bottle Ideas


Do you need some inspiration for packaging bottles? As a supplier of recyclable bottles in four different materials (HDPE, PET, PCR & Biopolymer), we can give you hundreds of modern designs to enjoy. Our marketing team have selected ten bottle shapes to help give you an inspirational boost. Clear Packaging Bottles PET bottles have a […]

Flexible Tubes With Lots Of Options


Consumers love flexible tubes (flexible bottles) for their ease of use and convenience. Whilst brand owners and retailers love the flexible tubes for their cost-effectivity and high-end appearance. Flexi tubes also reduce shelf space in-store compared to bottles or jars and are easier to transport. Raepak offers a stylish range of flexible tubes that can […]

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