Customisable Trigger Pumps – Build Your Own


Trigger pumps can be used for a wide range of applications, big brands consider quite a few variables before they decide on the final pump. Trigger pumps products have 4 main design options to choose from. Within this article, we will explore each one and explain why and how they can be used. Trigger Pump […]

Glitter Sprayed Product Decoration


Raepak would like to introduce the new glitter sprayed product decoration option. This new technique works with many of our acrylic/airless bottles and jars. The glitter option is packed with sparkle and fire which helps with product packaging design. We have mocked up a few samples to help give you a better idea on what […]

ARDOR – A Designer Lipstick Concept


This month finds us looking at lipstick containers again. The demand is growing rapidly within the new business team, especially from our American friends. We have chosen the lipstick case called Intense. It has a beautiful round push button on the front and is finished in a sharp square design. Putting together a design concept […]

Lotion Pump Locking Mechanisms Explained


The world of lotions pumps contains a vast range of options. We have many people in the packaging industry that ask a lot of questions. We wrote an article back in 2017 called Everything You Need To Know About Dispensing Pumps however, we missed out important information on lotion pump mechanisms. Knowing the difference between […]

Trending – Inspired Microblading Makeup Pen


Introducing the new inspired microblading makeup pen. A cosmetic solution designed to enhance the shape and fullness of the eyebrows. This popular product has become the ‘microblading craze’ as celebrities and makeup artists have been using the effect with great results. Microblading tattooing is a skilled process in which pigments are deposited beneath the surface […]

Everything You Need to Know About Bottle Caps & Closures


The mighty ‘bottle cap’ covers a vast range of criteria. Bottle Caps & Closures have been designed to keep the liquid contents inside the container, fresh and clean. The bottle cap also needs to be easy to use, while giving the consumer easy access to the liquid contents inside. If you’re looking for the perfect […]

Teen Cosmetic Packaging Designs – Get Ready For Some Inspiration.


Being a teenager comes with plenty of variables. As social beings we want to fit in and be accepted. Ok, there are those who don’t follow the crowd or are complete individuals, which is also great to see. Teenagers are becoming very clever when shopping. They are able to use their smart devices and compare […]

35 Trending Cosmetic Packaging Design Ideas


Cosmetic packaging design covers a wide range of product solutions. You may have a skincare range, beauty collection or perhaps a cosmetic line thats needs adapting to the current market place. Perhaps you need a complete change with the packaging altogether. With this in mind, we have decided to show a range of unbranded products […]

Men’s Cosmetic Packaging Solutions


The growth of men’s cosmetic packaging has developed into a rising trend across America and Europe. According to Mintel, US sales of men’s personal care in the US is anticipated to reach $4.7 billion by 2020. As the market grows, so will the demand for new and exciting grooming products. May’s 2018 Google Trend reports […]

All In One Lip Gloss and Lipstick Pen


Getting the perfect pout can mean several different items packed into your purse. Raepak have developed a new all-in-one lipgloss and lipstick pen. A perfect solution for shades of gloss or matt lips. The new all in one container has sleek lines and fits perfectly into any purse or handbag. We have shown the container […]

Top 5 Foamer Pump Designs


A foamer pump, foam pump or squeeze foamer is a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid materials. The foam pump dispenses liquid from a plastic container in the form of liquid foam. The foam is produced by pressing down on the pump head which causes pressure inside the bottle. The pump forces the liquid through a […]

Is Your Cosmetic Range Crying Out For Acrylic Airless Bottles?


Discovering the world of acrylic airless can inspire brands to upgrade the final packaging solution for their products. Acrylic airless bottles work beautifully with serums, creams, lotions and oils. These tend to fall into the skincare or haircare product offerings on the market today. Acrylic Airless bottles can help with a few different marketing options, these […]

Product Labelling – EU Cosmetic Safety Regulation Guide


This article has been written as a guide and does not constitute legal advice. Please check the latest legislation to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. In the world of cosmetic products, you must include the correct information. This helps explain what the contents are for. This helps the consumer understand how to use […]

Perfume & Fragrance Crimp Pump Concepts For Him & Her


As we offer a wide range of perfume crimp pumps. We decided to mock up some simple packaging concepts for 2018. We took one perfume crimp pump (SKU: CP-01-2-02-17-400) and plonked it onto a glass bottle; to finish, we sat it beside a modern-looking luxury box. After some splashes of colour, brand name ideas and […]

Exciting New Cosmetic Packaging Innovations For 2018


Are you ready to experience some of our new packaging innovations for 2018? We hope so, as our cosmetic marketing team have been working passionately over the last 12months. We have been looking at ways to make it easier for the consumer to dispense liquids, make it safer and also been spending time coming up with […]

Popular Bottle Top Caps & Closures That Won’t Let You Down


Finding the perfect bottle top or closure that works perfectly with your product, can be a challenge. There is a huge selection to choose from. Bottle tops and closures can help dispense the liquid and keep the contents safe and fresh. The final design of a closure can also make a difference with the overall […]

Airless Pump Bottles Come With Rising Benefits.

airless bottle pumps

Airless pump bottles and jars use a non-pressurised vacuum for dispensing liquids. This exciting system creates a pump action that works as an all-in-one bottle and pump mechanism. To put things into perspective, this airless bottle pump allows you to dispense the contents without taking off the lid when the contents is low. The benefits […]

Protect Your Product Line With UV Printing


UV Counterfeiting Printing to Help Protect Your Brand. Imports of counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year, or around 2.5% of global imports, with US, Italian and French brands the hardest hit and many of the proceeds going to organised crime, according to a new report by the OECD […]

Design by Touch – Braille Packaging Solutions


Introducing Raepak’s new ‘Design By Touch’ product decoration option. The braille printing solution gives brands more control over packaging enhancements. This is perfect for visually impaired or blind customers who need information close to hand; while out shopping. Target Market & Reach Design By Touch uses the global braille alphabet system to print raised dots […]

Raepak Launch Its New Pharmaceutical Collection

pharmaceutical packaging

Raepak has launched its new ISO 9001 pharmaceutical product range for medicinal liquids. Raepak’s range of pharmaceutical products have been manufactured for medical products. The manufacturing process has been assessed by SGS and meets the requirements of: ISO 15378: 2011. This works in conjunction with primary packaging materials for medicinal products. A requirement for the […]

10 Essential Lip Gloss Containers


After a recent revision of the latest Lipgloss containers. We are now in a position to unleash them to brands across the world. Plastic Lip gloss containers can look sophisticated and luxurious, especially once they have a label and logo on to suit the colours and product contents. The Raepak team have worked hard over […]

Mini Trigger Sprays for Cooking Oil


The mighty mini trigger spray – dispensing pump is making its debut with luxury cooking oils. This exciting new idea is creating conversation among brands; who are well established in the cooking oil industry. Different oils for cooking or salad dressing include olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil and rapeseed oil. The trigger spray allows […]

Small Plastic Bottles On The Rise Due To Online Buying Habits


Raepak has seen a steady rise for small plastic bottles over 2017. Many online resellers are looking for something they can post easily to their customers. This is because online shopping is growing at a huge rate. Offering smaller packaging for cheaper price points via postage seems to be the answer. Online Sales on the […]

Discover The LED Lip Gloss Applicator

LED light lip gloss pen

Introducing our fantastic LED lip gloss applicator. A great design for many interesting occasions. This exciting cosmetic spectacle has incorporated two mini lights into the lip gloss wand. It looks very stylish and will capture any awaiting audience. The lip gloss container is also available with a mirror integrated onto one side of the bottle. […]

Fantastic Cream Pump Ideas For Hair & Skincare Products


Cream dispensing pumps work with a small to medium dosing capacity. Many cosmetic beauty products such as skin care and hair care solutions, can be packed with expensive ingredients. Cream pumps have also been designed to handle ‘low’ or ‘high’ viscosity liquids. Both these benefits allow for a smooth interaction with the pump and product. […]

Designer Lipstick Container Concept For 2018

Finding the right designer lipstick container may be leaving you with a headache. Raepak has put together this month’s cosmetic packaging concept. Are you ready to project your beauty products into 2018? This concept showcases a designer lipstick container ready to buy off the shelf. Project Type: Concept Location: UK Packaging Contents: Lipstick Container Packaging […]

Top 5 Selling Dispensing Pumps


Dispensing pumps offer a great solution for liquid products. However, the range of options on offer here at Raepak can seem a little daunting. Sifting through each design can take some time and can end up a little confusing. You might be looking for a particular design, neck size, dosing requirements or something that will […]

Foamer Dispensing Pumps – Uses & Application


Foamer dispensing pumps have become very popular over the last few years. These types of pumps are being incorporated into a myriad of cleansing skin care and cleaning agent products. Foamer pumps have been designed as a non-aerosol way of dispensing liquid contents. The motion of the user’s pressure on the cap releases foam from […]

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