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Perfume & fragrance crimp pump concepts for him and her

As we offer a wide range of perfume crimp pumps. We decided to mock up some simple packaging concepts for 2018. We took one perfume crimp pump (SKU: CP-01-2-02-17-400) and plonked it onto a glass bottle; to finish, we sat it beside a modern looking luxury box. After some splashes of colour, brand name ideas and a little time. The final result may give you some ideas for a new perfume range.

Flat Colour Concepts

We played around adding some flat colour profiles to both the box and the pump bottle. Do you have a favourite?

Blanched White with Glows of Silver

Charcole Black and Tender Hints of Grey

Flourish of Pink & Dusky Coal

Soft Lemon & Orange

Pink Heritage & Alabaster

To finish off, we created a brand concept for HIM. Crimp pumps can also be used for fragrances in cosmetic packaging for men. Men’s cosmetics have seen a huge rise in recent years. So, giving a suggestive concept can really help with some creative flair.

Elite – For Him

Just for fun, we decided to give you something from our own brand. We thought it would be rude not to.

The Mars Effect

Crimp pumps are designed to spray a mist for very small dosages. The spray normally produces a dosage of around 0.06ml, 0.07ml, 0.08ml. Plastic pumps and metal finishing options are also available from the Raepak range.


Silva Walker

Silva has been with Raepak for over 6years now and has gained exceptional knowledge in the packaging industry. She now manages the cosmetic packaging department. This includes lipstick cases, mascara capsules, cosmetic pens and much more. She has a keen eye for iconic products and getting them to market. Silva enjoys the world of fashion, reading novels and trendy nightlife hotspots.

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