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PP Airless Packaging Now 100% Recyclable

Introducing a brand new 100% recyclable packaging solution for brand owners, has been Raepak’s number one priority over the last 6 months. With the development of recyclable cream pumps, lotions pumps and airless dispensing containers. We are now in a position to open up packaging design concepts with a recyclable grade of PP plastic solutions.

Unravelling PP Packaging

The problem was the range of different plastics being used in combing the final product. Our engineers worked on several alterations and developed an airless dispensing solution that can be put back into the recycling chain by domestic and commercial consumers.

When different plastic types are melted down, they can be merged into each other. During recycling, the airless containers will be sorted into the PE/PP stream before washing and will continue to be recycled within this stream through the full cycle. This in turn makes the plastics being used for airless dispensing solutions ‘widely recyclable’.

Rising Trend

PP airless offer a wide range of benefits for liquid beauty and cosmetic products on the market today. With this in mind, Raepak predict an increase in buying habits for this type of recyclable container. The pressure is on to make the environment a cleaner and sustainable place for the future. Making products 100% recyclable put cosmetic packaging in a cleaner position.

Recycling Made Easy

These new containers can now be placed directly into the correct recycling bins by the consumer. Recognised industry standard labels can also be used to help local authorities with the collection of recyclable material. PP airless containers come as one unit. Once finished with (the container is now empty), the dispensing unit can be disposed of as an whole item. This gives the consumers easy control with their recycling habits on a daily basis.

Brand owners can also take advantage of these new containers and market them as carbon friendly products. This will help consumers make better buying choices, while giving product owners creditability in the industry.



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