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Premium Cream and Lotion Dispensing Bottles

So, you want to define your cream or lotion product in the cosmetic market? Your brand needs to be seen as a luxury necessity, become a timeless entity that grabs your target markets attention. Look no further, waste no more time as we take you on a journey that will give you the product you have been seeking.

Raepak offers a huge selection of premium dispensing bottles; each combines style with curves, colour, and a solid focal point. Premium acrylic bottles have been designed to hold expensive creams, lotions, serums or liquid gels. These bottles are also built to last out the contents stored inside them.

Benefits of Acrylic Bottles

Acrylic bottles have a range of benefits that also work in your favour. Here is a selection to read over:

  • Luxury finish and solid feel
  • Stylish modern designs to choose from
  • Built-in Pump for dispensing
  • Overcap to help keep the contents clean and fresh
  • Showcases a premium product for direct target markets
  • Enhance your brands offering
  • Perfect for lavish creams, serums, gels and lotions
  • Long shelf life
  • Colour matching options with product decoration.

Single Acrylic Bottles

Depending on your product range, you may only need a singular bottle design. Most of our ranges come in different bottle size options. This enables you to offer the same product in alternative size bottles that target different price ranges.

Here are some of the designs we have to offer.


A very curvy round bottle with a beautiful built-in dispensing button. This bottle can be colour matched to reveal a very different look and feel. We have showcased this bottle in black and gold, which emphasises the quality and luxury finish.


Our limousine bottle displayed here in metallic soft blue with a platinum dispensing pump; looks modern, yet sophisticated. Although the bottle has a round curve, it stands straight with power and significance.


Sinuosity is a small curvey bottle that has vintage – Eygptian look to it. The gold and ivory-cream finish, makes you want to hold it in the palm of your hand. This fabulous bottle comes in 4 different sizes including: 15ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50ml.

Acrylic Bottles With Matching Jars

Some of our acrylic bottles also come with matching jars. This is a perfect solution for multiple product offerings. The jars have been designed to match the curvature and style of the bottle they represent. Here are a few examples of them together.


The diamond jar and bottle have a spectacular futuristic look about them. They work beautifully together with straight and interlinking lines.


We have showcased these two acrylic bottles and jars in a soft green/yellow with wood effect finish. They have a natural and organic feel about them. Just a colour-match and material offering for inspiration.


The Troy matching bottle and jars have a splendid professional or cosmopolitan look about them. The lovely curves and silver strap looks inviting. We shot these in metallic blue, however, they are available in any colour imaginable.

What was your favourite design? If you would like more help! with getting your cosmetic brand into the limelight of luxury and fashion? Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly account managers.


George Ward

George is the newest member to the sales team, with years of experience in sales and account management – from communications, Insurance and now plastics! George enjoys travelling the world, cycling and cooking new dishes in the kitchen.

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