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Pressure Sensitive Trigger Pumps With Continuous Spray

Trigger spray pumps have become very useful within the domestic and commercial market place. These useful pumps have made it into most households across Europe and America. They work with a huge range of product applications including toiletry, kitchen, cosmetic and many different types of cleaning solutions.

However, improvements can always be made and we have developed some enhancements that make the trigger pumps even easier to use.

With existing trigger sprays, the dose has a slight variance. This depends on the amount of pressure applied to the trigger mechanism, allowing the user to have some control over the amount of liquid being dispensed. As a result it offers a good variance for small tasks such as light cleaning to be very effective.

Pressure Sensitive Trigger Spray

Raepak now offers a brand new all-in-one trigger spray solution. This new product is perfect for large jobs and covers a huge surface area. The best part about this new product is the fact it has a continuous spray function while covering a larger surface area through the pressure sensitive trigger.

Testing has shown this product is perfect across several different industries, including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, household products, animal care and health, automotive, industrial, cleaning products, livestock, and horticultural markets. 

How Does It Work?

The trigger works by producing a continuous spray function while working with the task at hand. This is achieved by pulling the trigger function in a hard or soft manoeuvre. Alternatively, you can keep pressing the trigger over a 10 to 15-second delay. You will immediately notice that the liquid will dispense over a longer period. This can be a great time-saving solution or can be used for a new marketing angle in current brand products.

The Product Range

Raepak offers 3 different designs to choose from. The Grand SKU: TP-01-5-250 comes in a range of bottle sizes. These include 250ml, 360ml and 500ml. Alternatively, you can choose between the Verge or the Half Moon which have slight variances in the design finishes. Both these all-in-one solutions come with a 350ml bottle attachment.

Need Some Help?

Raepak offers a free online sample bay where you can order samples free of charge. This allows you to test the product and decide if it’s right for your brand. We also have a dedicated team of account managers ready to take your call. They can help you with all the options you need to get your product to market.


Phil Edwards

Phil is a senior account manager at Raepak with a lifetime of experience in the packaging industry. Phil specialises in dispensing pumps and cosmetic jars. His vast knowledge takes him all over the world which helps clients get their product to market. Phil is always busy and his desk is packed with new and exciting product ranges. Phil loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with the family. He is also keen on reading and keeping fit.

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  1. Avinesh Jain says:

    Hi Raepak,

    I am looking for the continuous, metered spray bottles for one of product for Australia. Is this something you can supply to other countries?

    1. mm Raepak Ltd says:

      Hello, Avinesh Jain

      Thanks for getting in touch. We supply to companies worldwide. Please contact our team for more information on your order.

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