We understand the need to get creative with your final product packaging design. We offer a wide range of product decoration services to help customers pull your product off the shelf.


We can colour match any bottle, cap, dispenser or jar. All we need is a sample, image or pantone reference of the desired colour. 

We can colour match the following:

▫Plastic Bottles ▫Plastic Jars ▫Closures ▫Dispensing Pumps


This process involves adding a silver or gold metallic text to a surface. Simple designs can be printed directly onto the surface of a bottle or jar. Hot foil blocking is a process that uses metallic blocks with designs or lettering etched on the surface. These then get pressed against the foil to imprint the image. During the hot foil blocking procedure, the product is placed under a layer of the film and the metallic block. The hot foil machine then applies pressure and heat to the metallic block, which activates the film. Your design can be printed to create a metallic or matt finish. Hot foiling can be applied to the following products:

▫Plastic Bottles ▫Plastic Jars ▫Closures

Silk Screen Printing


This is printing text and pictorial designs directly onto the surface of a bottle / jar for a clean professional look at an affordable price. The printing method uses a screen composed of mesh and silk or man-made fibres that are stretched over a wooden frame. The design is then made into a paper stencil which is stuck onto the mesh. To produce the print, ink is taken across the screen and the pressure of this pushes the ink through the unstopped areas of the mesh. To get a multi-coloured print several screens and passes are used.

▫ High Quality and Affordable ▫Single or Multi-pass Printing ▫Print on to Plastic Bottles and Jars


This is our process for wrapping your designs completely around the dispensing pump or disc cap. Collar wrapping delivers a solid state component whereby the design cannot be removed. The final effect is stunning. Uniqueness is guaranteed ensuring your product stands out from the crowd. The specialist knowledge required to create the ‘collar wrap’ also makes it perfect for companies that need to outsmart counterfeiters. Minimum of 20,000. We can offer collar wrap on:

▫Disc Caps ▫Pumps

Water Transfer Product Option


Metalisation takes a plastic product/product part and adds a metallic coating to the surface. 

To start the process, a base lacquer coating is baked on to the components. These parts are then placed inside a vacuum chamber and a charge is passed through tungsten filaments, which contain pure aluminium. This vaporises and coats the rotating product in a shiny chrome like finish. Finally, a protective coating of lacquer is applied. The lacquer can be coloured to provide a range of beautiful metallic finishes. Available in gold or silver and a matt or gloss finish. We can metalise the following:

▫Plastic Bottles ▫Plastic Jars ▫Closures

Anodised Finish

Anodic films can also be used for a number of our cosmetic packaging effects. This process means your products can be coloured or transparent and is popular because the finish looks luxury and sophisticated. We can apply this process to many of our product ranges. If you have an idea or would like to enquire, please give us a call.

Anodised packaging solutions


This is a process which involves achieving a raised or sunken design on a metal surface. It is accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure on the metal. Two rollers (one with the image indented and the other with the same image protruding) are heated. The heated rollers are then applied with pressure to iron out the metal by raising the level of the image higher than the substrate to make it smooth. We can offer embossing on:

▫Disc Caps ▫Pumps

Design By Touch - Braille Printing

The raised dots can be printed directly onto the surface of the bottle using accurate manufacturing processes. The height of each braille dot remains consistent throughout the product run. Design By Touch also enables brands to use a service that doesn’t require custom tooling for their pack moulds. This can help keep price points low with implementation.

Braille Printing Solutions


Protect your product range with a clever UV printing system. Your hidden Text or Logos can only be detected with a UV (ultraviolet) light. This allows for a perfect counterfeiting solution. Protect your brand and give your customers the confidence they deserve.

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