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    Our premium caps and closures are practical, functional and come in a selection of modern or classical designs to choose from. If you need something bespoke to work with your product range, please get in touch so we can help.

    Styles Available
    1. Custom Caps
    2. Disc Top Caps
    3. Flip Top Caps
    4. Pull Top Caps
    5. Over Caps
    6. Screw Caps
  • Bottle caps and closures come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Each bottle cap and closure offers a slightly different function for domestic or commercial applications. Bottle caps and closures can come in different neck sizes to suit bottle sizes. This helps with product design and function. Raepak offers 7 different types of bottle closure and caps, these include:

    Custom Caps

    Raepak offers a huge selection of custom caps. These caps are best suited for packaging that needs a unique design or purpose. Popular choices include the rose dispensing cap and the new dosing cap. Caps and closures can also be designed and manufactured from scratch. This can be expensive as the new design will need fresh tooling equipment, testing and consumer feedback.

    Bespoke Rose Foam Cap

    Disc Top Caps

    Disc bottle caps offer a great solution for lotions, creams and serums. The cap also has a very luxurious finish which helps with packaging design. This cap is best suited for skincare, handcare, moisturizing, haircare and nail care solutions. The popular cap relies on the consumer applying pressure to the bottle for the required dosing amount.

    Disc Bottle Cap

    Flip Top Caps

    The timeless flip top bottle cap is cost-effective while offering the perfect dispensing solution. The small nozzle gives the consumer a good amount of control over dosing. This cap can also work with all different viscosity types, so there should be no clogging, leaks or blockages. These caps also have a simple snap cover to help keep the liquid contents safe and fresh.

    Flip Top Bottle Cap

    Over Caps

    Over caps help protect the dispensing unit. This can normally be some type of dispensing unit like a spray pump. Over caps keep the contents clean and safe while storing. Over caps also have the ability to make the product design look considered.

    Over Cap

    Screw Caps

    Screw caps are a simple solution for many different bottle neck sizes. They can also make the final product look exciting, fun and unique. This because the design of each cap can be different. Popular screw caps include: the ball, chiefs hat, the crown or domed finish. As these caps are made of plastic they can also be reclyed to help with reducing our carbon footprint.

    Screw Bottle Caps

    Pull Top Caps

    Pull caps a very popular with washing up liquid products. This is because they help with applying a small dosage and keep the cap clean for the consumer. These caps can be used for many different commercial and domestic cleaning solutions.

    Pull Top Bottle Caps

    Raepak offer bottle cap solutions for brands on a global scale. If you would like help getting your product to market, please feel free to give one of our friendly account managers a call today.

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    Fiona Wallace

    a year ago
    Excellent, polite, speedy and helpful staff. Buying for the first time, I was given great advice and will be happy to use this company again and again.

    Tracy Keen

    a year ago
    Super efficient staff with fast delivery times. Highly recommend, would find no better service.

    Pauline Garrad

    a year ago
    Fantastic customer service goods received in 24 hours would recommend.

    Emma Gardner

    a year ago
    I recently made an order for lipstick cases, mascara wands and compact cases for my new brand. The Raepak team was amazing and helped me through every step from getting the right product to storing my bulk orders free of charge. Highly recommended, I couldn’t of asked for more.

    Diane Jones

    a year ago
    It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Raepak Ltd! The staff are incredibly helpful and very pleasant, nothing was too much trouble and everything was handled promptly and professionally. The quality of the products is excellent and look and work fabulously. I wouldn’t hesitate to re-order from Raepak. Wonderful service from lovely people!

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  • Established in 1994, Raepak Ltd is a UK company. We offer a huge selection of products for many different industry types. Raepak understands how to get your product to market. Our British quality standards are what makes us number 1 for cosmetic packaging. So, why choose Raepak over any competition? Here is our top ten reasons:

    1. We offer a FREE online sample bay with delivery. Order your product for testing and sampling (“Customers outside of Europe may have to pay a sample delivery charge”)
    2. FREE storage of your products. Draw down over a 12month period
    3. Dedicated Account Managers that will get your product to market
    4. Large and Small MOQ’s available
    5. Delivery of your ‘stored’ or Raepak’s ‘stocked’ products within 24-48 hours
    6. A huge range of stock products available
    7. Colour matching and product decoration options available
    8. ISO regulated which gives you peace of mind on quality and standards
    9. Exciting new innovations launched every year
    10. Sustainable product options available including Biopolymer technology.

  • Raepak offer a competitive pricing structure for Stock, Low MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities) and set MOQ’s. This gives all business sizes a way to target their audience.

    We don’t put pricing on our website. This is because of product variations and order sizes are always different for each company. Your request may be bespoke or you may have several product decoration options.

    Please get in touch with one of our friendly account managers:

    Phone us + 44 (0) 1953 605 700
    Email us info@raepak.com

    We have a team of dedicated staff ready to take your order and answer all your questions.

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