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The Raepak stock product range is manufactured to very high British standards. We have a range of plastic packaging including bottles, caps and dispensing pumps. Discover our robust range of PET, PVC and HDPE bottles. Each bottle has superior quality, lightweight and recyclable. We also stock Closures, Lotion and Cream Pumps, Spray Pumps and Airless Containers. Stock products have a dispatch time of 24-48 hours and are also available in small quantities (MOQ 1 Box).

Boston Round Black

Boston Round Black 1000ml

SKU: 5434/28/AB
Capacity1000mlNeck Finish28mmStockedStock ItemColour MatchBlack
SKU: LU24415/B/ST2SS
Neck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchBlack/Silver
SKU: 8093/055
Neck FinishCustomStockedStock ItemColour MatchWhite
SKU: BostonRound-Clear
Capacity100ml, 250ml, 300ml, 500ml, 75mlNeck Finish20/415, 24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: FlatBaseBoston-Clear
Capacity250ml, 50mlNeck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: TallBostonRound-Clear
Capacity100ml, 200ml, 250mlNeck Finish20/415, 24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: TallSquare-Clear
Capacity100ml, 200ml, 250mlNeck Finish20/415, 24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear

Contemporary Tubular

Tubular – Clear Bottle

SKU: TubularRound-Clear
Capacity100ml, 150ml, 15ml, 250ml, 50mlNeck Finish18/415, 20/415, 24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: Bell-Clear
Capacity250ml, 500mlNeck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear

Stock PET & Clear Bottles

Eclipse Oval – Clear Bottle

SKU: 1027/20/A
Capacity50mlNeck Finish20/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: LU24410/B/ST3SS
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemColour MatchNatural/Silver
SKU: LU24410/B/ST2SS
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemColour MatchBlack/Silver
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemDoseRibbedColour MatchWhite
SKU: LU24410/B/ST3G1
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemColour MatchNatural

Stock PET & Clear Bottles

Cylindrical – Clear Bottle

SKU: Cylindrical-Clear
Capacity50ml, 100mlNeck Finish1 inch Snap-OnStockedStock ItemColour MatchClear
SKU: LU24410/B/ST1SS
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemColour MatchWhite/Silver
SKU: LU24410/B/ST1S
Neck Finish24/410StockedStock ItemColour MatchWhite
SKU: LO24415/B/0002
Neck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchBlack/Silver
SKU: LU24415/B/ST1SS
Neck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchWhite/Silver
SKU: LU24415/A/ST3S
Neck Finish24/415StockedStock ItemColour MatchNatural
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