PP – Twist Lock – Requisite

Explore Requisite, a large PP airless bottle solution with a large button to help with dispensing liquids. This container has a modern and efficient design that offers a different perspective with how the airless containers work. This product works with a wide range of liquid applications, this can include toiletry, kitchen, domestic, commercial and skincare products SKU: AL-138-11. The container has a capacity of 30ml, 50ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml, 135ml, 150ml & 200ml.

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AL-138-11-30 30ml 88mmx45mm
AL-138-11-50 50ml 105mmx45mm
AL-138-11-80 80ml 127mmx45mm
AL-138-11-100 100ml 144mmx45mm
AL-138-11-120 120ml 155mmx45mm
AL-138-11-135 135ml 171mmx45mm
AL-138-11-150 150ml 188mmx45mm
AL-138-11-200 200ml 224mmx45mm

PP – Twist Lock – Requisite
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