Boston Round – Clear Bottle – 250ml – Biopolymer

Discover the Boston Round PET Bottle (250ml, Clear, 1050/24/B-BP). This item is a Stock product and can be delivered within 24-48hours. The minimum order quantity for this product is: ONE BOX. Biopolymer bottles use sugarcane and are more environmentally friendly.

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Biopolymer Benefits

  1. Lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduced carbon footprint
  2. Made from renewable raw materials
  3. Derived from sugarcane waste, not from oil
  4. No deforestation
  5. No atmospheric CO2
  6. Fits back into the recycling chain
  7. No difference in performance or colour
  8. The manufacturing process is the same

Boston Round Bottle 250ml
Boston Round – Clear Bottle – 250ml – Biopolymer


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