When it comes to ‘colour product matching’ choosing the colour for your product may seem a little daunting. The colour spectrum consists of billions of colours, but which one do you choose? You may have brand guidelines or maybe you want to target a particular audience or market reach? It can be frustrating or at times, seem impossible to make a decision based on all the colour options available.

With this dilemma in mind, we decided to offer the Raepak colour product matching system. Once you pick a final product, we can colour match it for you before it even goes into production. To give you an idea, let’s take a look at some colour matching options we have created.

Colour Product Matching

Here are a few colour wheels with hundreds of colours to choose from. You may have a few ideas yourself on what works, or maybe you need some inspiration?

The basic colour wheel

This wheel lets you see vivd colours through the spectrum.

The complex colour wheel

Discover even more colours with hints of dark and light focal points.
complex colour wheel

The colour matching wheel

This wheel helps you discover colours that work or maybe clash together.
colour-matching wheel

The colour explosion

Maybe a cool colour explosion might help with your colour product scheme.
colour explosion product colour match

Each of these colour wheels can help you pick out an exciting colour option for your next product. If you need even more inspiration or perhaps want to learn about colour schemes? We would like to suggest using color.adobe.com

Now we understand how to pick colours from the colour wheels, let’s have a look at some product ranges designed to work with different colour schemes.

Colour Matching Acrylic Bottles

Acrylic bottles are designed to hold serums, lotions and creams.


Colour Matching Acrylic Jars

Acrylic jars are also designed to hold serums, lotions and creams.


Colour Matching Lever Seal

Plastic Lever Seal Jars look fantastic with different colour lids or bodies. You can really let your imagination run wild here.

Colour Matching Clear Bottles

Raepak stock clear bottles that can also be colour matched.

Colour Matching Soft HDPE Bottles

Notice how you can also colour match soft transparent HDPE bottles.

Colour Matching Caps & Closures

Instead of white or black caps and closures, why not try something a little different. Here we have a collection of colour matched caps.

colour matching caps


Colour Matching PP Airless Bottles

Our selection of PP Aireless bottles can look beautiful once the correct colour is applied.

Colour Matching Dispensing Pumps

As a dispensing pump specialist, we know our pumps. Here you can see some trigger pumps that have been colour coded to match the final product design.


No Colour Matching Needed

You don’t have to colour match the actual plastic product. You might want to add the colour to your packaging through the liquid colour. Here you can see different coloured contents in the bottles. A great alternative.

transparent bottles with colour product matching

natural bottle with added with colour product matching

Need some help? Why not get in touch and talk to one of our friendly account managers.

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