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Raepak Launch Its All-In-One Hair Brush Dispensing Pump Collection

Raepak are excited about their new range of ‘all-in-one’ hair dispensing pumps. The collection includes six design variants to help with different hair types. Each hair pump gives the user more control over liquid products being applied to hairstyles.

Hair products have seen good growth over the last few years which has pushed the Raepak team to capture a product that can be used for several solutions. The brush pumps can be used to straighten or style hair. The exciting part is that oils, gels, serums, foams or even water can be added to the attached bottle. This gives hairdressers, salon experts and the consumer more control over the applications.

This product should start hitting the shelves over the next few years. Raepak’s head of packaging Phil Edwards stated;

“These new pump brushes solve plenty of issues for the consumers and the professionals. The first major problem solved is that you don’t have to touch the liquid product with your hands. For a hairdresser in a salon or barbers shop; they might have to touch a range of different liquid types every day. This workflow can cause skin irritation. The hairbrush dispensing system also helps with applying any liquid types evenly over the hairstyle. We also noticed in some of the trials that hairdressers were just adding water to the bottles. They explained this helps them to wet the hair before a cut. The product is available from January and we have already had a few enquiries from leading brands. We are looking forward to seeing these in the shops and salons soon.

To view the hairbrush pump range just click on this link


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