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Sustainable Plastic Packaging Ideas.

The pressure is on all brands to seek packaging solutions that look after the environment. A difficult task that can cost, and take up valuable time. With this in mind, Rapeak has taken responsibility and ownership of such a task.

As a future thinking company inspired with looking after the environment. Sustainability is at the forefront of its UK operations. Supplying packaging solutions on a global scale, means we must be proactive and start making a difference today.

100% Recyclable Dispensing Pumps

The introduction of 100% recyclable dispensing pumps is a fantastic start for 2018. This is a world first, as dispensing pumps are made with several plastic types. This causes problems for recycling plants across developed countries.

Consumers can now recycle the dispensing pump as part of the whole packaging solution. This is fantastic news for brand owners and local county councils in the UK.

The Dosing Cap

The launch of the dosing cap is already under development with forward thinking brands. The cap allows liquid to be dispensed at the correct amount. This little revolution means packaging can now be smarter. Concentration of liquids means smaller packaging design, lighter in weight and less to dispose of.

Airless Containers

Airless containers are composed of 1 unit which can contain the liquid contents. The airless containers dispense with the use of air pressure; forcing the liquid contents out through the top dispenser unit.

These containers are now 100% recyclable. Before, several plastics were being used in the manufacturing process. This causes a problem in the recycling chain. Airless containers are also very light and have a premium finish.

Biopolymer Containers

The creation of the biopolymer containers also gives brand owners sustainable options. Polymer is derived from natural sources such as sugarcane. This means the extraction of oil is unnecessary and helps the control of reducing our carbon footprint. Biopolymers is 100% renewable, can be used to create most types of containers, and 100% recyclable.

Plastic Containers

Raepak offer a huge variety of plastic containers. Most of which are 100% recyclable. Some of the cosmetic packaging samples are still being worked on. This will make them sustainable in the future. However, HDPE, PET, SAN and a few other plastics used by the packaging expert team at Raepak; are 100% recyclable. This means, consumers can put empty containers directly into the recycling chain.

Recycling facilities use a ‘washing’ process that can pull out any metals or non-plastics elements. Used plastics are then heated up and combined. The end product is called PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) which are formed into small pellets. These pellets can be used in the creation of new packaging by the manufacture and distributors.


Phil Edwards

Phil is a senior account manager at Raepak with a lifetime of experience in the packaging industry. Phil specialises in dispensing pumps and cosmetic jars. His vast knowledge takes him all over the world which helps clients get their product to market. Phil is always busy and his desk is packed with new and exciting product ranges. Phil loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with the family. He is also keen on reading and keeping fit.

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