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Trending – Inspired Microblading Makeup Pen

Introducing the new inspired microblading makeup pen. A cosmetic solution designed to enhance the shape and fullness of the eyebrows. This popular product has become the ‘microblading craze’ as celebrities and makeup artists have been using the effect with great results.

Microblading tattooing is a skilled process in which pigments are deposited beneath the surface of the skin with very fine sterile needles attached to a manual pen-like tool to create the illusion of hair strokes and makeup to enhance one’s natural facial features. This is designed to apply pigment into the skin and carefully shape a fuller-looking brow.

Raepak offers an inspired microblading cosmetic pen that features four fibre points which gives excellent control with an vertical swiping movement. The pigment can be washed off by the end user or can last upto a few days depending on the formula used.

Microblading Tutorial

Differences Between ‘Semi Permanent’ and ‘Everyday Wear’

Semi Permanent
Microblading is a surface tattoo which is applied manually. The pen tool injects pigment into the skin for a fuller-looking brow.

The depth and thickness of each ‘hair-stroke’ is totally adjustable for consumers personal preference. The pigment is inserted and left to dry on the skin for a few minutes before being wiped away to reveal shaped brows. This can be an expensive process and regular top ups are recommended.

Everyday Wear
To achieve a microblading inspired finish, a micro fibre pen tool can be used. This is designed to mimic a semi permanent microblading look. A cost effective alternative that is trending in the world of cosmetics. The pen works by applying fine painted hairs onto the brow area, giving the user perfect control over the depth, shape and definition of the final brow.

Microblading Tattoo Pen

The Technology

Raepak offer the 4 fibre bladed micro pen. These tiny blades allow for sharp strokes that define perfect results. The fibre applicator pushes into a cosmetic pen made from plastic. This also has a lid to keep the formula within the cosmetic pen. You can add liquids and colour mapping to suit your needs. This container can be colour matched and decorated with silk screen printing and hot foil blocking.

Microblading Application

The application is best suited to a clean eyebrow area. Remove all makeup and apply using a diagonal or vertical strokes. This gives the best results. It can take a little practise to get it right. However, the final results look sharp and fuller.

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